The coolest twins in town are back {Harper & Owen 9mos}

So they are back, cuter than ever and with so much personality! We spent the morning playing and having fun. I love photographing babies in their natural state. So many precious moments happen organically, when they are exploring. I always want to make sure my clients are able to look back at genuine expressions, giggles, fingers, toes… The little things that without photographs, we wonder if our minds will be able to recollect 20 years in the future. It’s so important to capture even what may seem mundane today, because one day it will be cherished. I was thrilled to work with this awesome family again. Thanks guys… Enjoy!

Wonderful Birth Story {Photographs by Emily Robinson Photography}

This morning started with coffee and catching up with my Flickr friends (a great community for photographers to share and grow). Today, I scanned The Maternal Lens pool (0ne of my very favorites) and came across Emily Robinson’s photo that linked to this beautiful documentation of a birth story. I have a burning desire to do this type of session and so wish I had this from my three babies. I watched this with a little lump in my throat, very moving images. I asked Emily if I could share this and she said she would be honored. Emily, you did a beautiful job! Thanks for the inspiration this morning:)


The Best Things In Life Aren’t Things

This is painted on a wall in their home. I couldn’t help, but immediately think that this is the perfect title for their blog post. It describes this family in every way. These people are all heart. I was thrilled when Teri and I discussed a shoot that would be truly candid and express their passion for family and art. They have framed abstract art, all throughout the house, painted or sketched by their own family. Their home makes you feel comfortable and happy,as soon as you walk in,  because you know what you see is what you get (a loving group of free spirits). While I was photographing their family, we chatted about music, art, travel, and raising little people. FUN FACT: Matt (aka, dad) attended University of Miami on a vocal scholarship. He sings, plays guitar, and has his own recording studio in their home. Let’s just say, they have a deep appreciation for all things creative. Shoots like this make me love what I do even more!


Sweet Baby James

And what a sweet baby he is…also the most alert 11 day old I’ve ever seen. You can just tell he’s brilliant! He was “tracking” me all over the room during the session and had no interest in sleeping. He was much more interested in his surroundings. There are big plans for this little man, I know it. These sessions always make me miss when mine were this tiny. Cherish every moment, because time really does fly…Enjoy!