The Best Things In Life Aren’t Things

This is painted on a wall in their home. I couldn’t help, but immediately think that this is the perfect title for their blog post. It describes this family in every way. These people are all heart. I was thrilled when Teri and I discussed a shoot that would be truly candid and express their passion for family and art. They have framed abstract art, all throughout the house, painted or sketched by their own family. Their home makes you feel comfortable and happy,as soon as you walk in, ┬ábecause you know what you see is what you get (a loving group of free spirits). While I was photographing their family, we chatted about music, art, travel, and raising little people. FUN FACT: Matt (aka, dad) attended University of Miami on a vocal scholarship. He sings, plays guitar, and has his own recording studio in their home. Let’s just say, they have a deep appreciation for all things creative. Shoots like this make me love what I do even more!