It’s Almost Mother’s Day!

These are the bits and pieces that make up life’s fleeting moments. The moments that can seem mundane or ordinary are the moments we will one day cherish the most….

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Jennifer & Chris + 2

Who has swans fly into their shoot? Oh yeah, Jennifer & Chris do! We found a great park near their home in Indianapolis and had a few surprise guests “fly” into our session. How’s that for unique? I photographed Jennifer’s little guy, Jacob, this past fall when he was just a newborn. It was fun to see how much he and sister Ally had changed, since I last spent the morning with them. They were all smiles and full of entertainment, during our time together. Love these images so much, Jen! xo

Alexis & Ryan + 2

I spent a working weekend in the Indianapolis area a few weeks ago (my old stomping grounds). It had been years since I had seen one of my dear high school pals, Alexis. She was one of the first people I met after moving from the Carolinas to Indiana as a sophomore, entering my junior year in a new school. We were fast friends and I adored her family.  She is still as beautiful and full of life as she was then. I love that my work gives me the opportunity to reconnect with old friends. It was so fun to see Alexis and meet their precious kiddos. I’ll be catching up on the blog with more recent sessions coming soon. Enjoy!




Baby Jacob & Co.

The great thing about this job (outside of getting to spend time with these precious babies) is the opportunity to reconnect with friends from the past. It’s being able to see the tracks of time that have created new families, new life. The morning after Thanksgiving, I photographed Jen & Chris’s new little bundle of joy-and that’s exactly what he is…a bundle of joy. Babies melt me, big time (as if, you didn’t already know that). Just look at those lashes and lips!