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How are you spending Valentines Day today? We have successfully kept some traditions intact, but with three kids and a busy life heading towards forty, hey-it can be tough. We realized these traditions had become mostly focused on the kiddos. This is great, but we have to remember to keep the relationship that was the genesis of these wonderful little people a priority amongst all the hustle and bustle called life. We decided last year we would celebrate on the 13th- babysitting is easier to come by and the 14th is about family time. We had an awesome dinner at Pete Millers in Evanston last night. If you are in the Chicago area, it is a must try! While not necessarily trendy as far as decor, etc., the steak I mean AMAZING filet mignon, a great wine list, good service and there is always a weekend jazz band playing live music not far from your “two top”.

The sun rises on the 14th and our tradition is always a big family breakfast at home. My husband gets the coffee going first (we need a wake up from last night’s yummy cabernet!) and then it’s omelets, bacon and fresh orange juice. Everyone has a card waiting on their plate with chocolates and a handmade keepsake. Last year we made twine bracelets with fimo beads. This year, I chose simple foil prints (Etsy and Minted have great affordable selections) for their rooms that totaled $22.00. My mom always made holidays simple, but so special. I love that I can pass that on to my family. What are some of your favorite traditions/tips to keep the love alive?



For fun here are a few clips from my favorite romantic movies. Happy Valentines Day! xoxo




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