Bad Weather? Don’t worry she’s got this one…

Our weather forecast is a total bummer for this Halloween night. This is my youngest daughter’s FAVORITE holiday. Anyone that has followed my blog for any length of time knows that no matter how busy things can get, I always make time to photograph this day. This year she couldn’t pass up Super Girl again! My personal opinion is that she could.not.pass.up the “nail wraps” that came with the 2013 version of the costume. We spent most of the morning trying to get those little decorative nails to stay put. She was so proud! This year sweet pea, your favorite things are crawling into our bed early in the morning for a few pre-day snuggles, pancakes and warm syrup (or as you so endearingly call them “pana-cakes”), you love to draw and paint non-stop and when you aren’t creating….well, you’re dancing. You make my heart swell and put a lump in my throat every time you wrap those sweet little arms around my neck to whisper, “I love you, mom”. I haven’t blogged in a while, so wrapped up in sessions and orders. So thankful for my clients and all of my supportive friends and “followers”. My plan is to get back to posting soon and show you some of the beautiful sessions since August.


I came across the image below on Pinterest this week and fell in love with it immediately. I did not take this photograph, nor do I know the photographer. What I do know however is that it stopped me in my tracks, because it spoke to me through it’s story. It reminded me so much of what I think Grace will grow up to be like one day. This is why we photograph. We are telling a story. Don’t forget your story- past, present or future.


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Happy Halloween, friends!!

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