What does beauty look like to you?

What can I say, I love Dove. I love their expressions of valuing natural beauty and appreciation of each person’s uniqueness. It also doesn’t hurt that I am from generations of a “Dove family”. My grandmother, a natural beauty herself, used two beauty products that I can remember- Dove soap and Ponds cold cream (seriously, that’s it…oh and the little gold perfume locket she wore around her neck). The curvy white bar with the imprinted dove still adorns even our showers and baths. The scent makes me nostalgic and I couldn’t be prouder of the brand’s ad campaign. As a mom to three daughters, a woman, and frankly just a human being, I can’t imagine a better message. I am completely guilty of complaining about how tired I look some days or the wrinkles that are multiplying around the geography of my face each year, but this video is perfect. A perfect message. It is important to teach our daughters (the next generation) to have confidence, to love themselves, to see their beauty.



You are beautiful.

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