Sesame Street Trance & Winter Light in B&W

I know I should be thankful for what is being called a mild mid western winter, (since I have lived in the south for the last 14 years) but there are certainly no January days by the pool anymore. I have been playing with the winter light in our home (my little muse is always happy to help) and even though it’s different than the bright sunny days in Houston, I’m enjoying the moodiness of it. Sometimes, it’s nice to see the winter season in all it’s apathy and fury. The sky is grey, the trees are barren, the ground cold and lifeless, covered in snow. So old man winter….I will cling to this quote by Robert Frost, “The best way out is always through”. Inside, we know we can still enjoy hot chocolate, movie marathons, big cozy blankets and soon enough spring will arrive…I will be updating my portfolio, facebook page and adding session dates to the calendar for spring, so stay tuned.