The face of three…almost four

Since we have moved, we have been so busy that I have barely had time to breathe. The gift that has come from all the chaos is that I haven’t even had a chance to focus on preschools for Grace. She has been by my side every step of the way. I have enjoyed each minute with just us. Truthfully, I have been dragging my feet to send her to one of the local programs. I know it’s important for her socially, but selfishly I want to keep her all to myself.

She is a such a free spirit and can have you belly laughing in 2 seconds flat. Her thoughts are totally independent and typically hilarious or thought provoking. I have recently started writing down bits and piecesĀ from our conversations. Today when we were eating breakfast, I decided to pick up my camera and capture the little daily moments we share.

My girl loves Halloween. I mean LOVES it, can’t stop talking about it, loves it. So far, she has changed her mind almost hourly on her costume…She wants to be Tangled Rapunzel, Rapunzel’s mom, Flynn Ryder, no wait, she is going to marry Flynn Ryder, Sully (Monster’s Inc.), The Grinch (“mom, can you paint my face green and make it look crazy? No wait, that’s too scary, I’ll just be Cindy Lou Who instead.”). Then she continues, “Can I be a chameleon, you know those lizards? Wait, wait mom, I want to be Santa Claus, mom, make that “Goofy Santa Claus”, you know from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (her favorite show)”. She loves cheese sticks, blueberries, pretzels and pb&j. She idolizes her sisters, adores bedtime stories and wants to be a dancer when she grows up. She talks about her friends regularly and already begs to have sleepovers.

Last night, I was tucking her in for bed, when she looked at Allie and said, “Allie, do you get to go to school tomorrow?” Allie answered, “yep”. Grace said, “Wow, that is so awesome! Ok, listen mom (with her arms wrapped around my neck), I need you to find me a preschool by Halloween, this is getting ridiculous.” After, we all laughed for a few minutes, it set in that my baby girl is ready to let me go (at least more than I’m ready for)… She’ll be 4 years old soon, she needs more…..I love her. I love them all with my whole heart.

The Orchard & Friends a Sneak Peek

We made it! In the few short weeks, since our return to the midwest, we have had a great time reconnecting with old friends and family. When Erica asked us to join them for a weekend at the orchard, I knew it was just what we needed to unplug from the chaos of moving a family of 5 half way across the country. I couldn’t wait to catch up with our old friends. It was like no time had passed since high school/college. I walked in the back door of the Collins home and it was big hugs & smiles all around. Of course, the “get togethers” are a little different these days with 15 kids (now 16 with Jen’s new addition) between all of us. Reagan and I looked at each other and laughed. All I could say was “Can you believe it? We’re all grown up.” Well sort of….I still feel like that fun college girl on the inside, but now instead of planning the next night out, I’m trying to make my way back from the land of diapers & potty training:) Here is just a glimpse of our time together at Tom & Erica’s Orchard (facebook friends, you’ll get to see the full album soon). If you live anywhere near the northern Indiana area, you should definitely take a weekend to visit County Line Orchard. It is truly magical for the kiddos. This first image takes my breath away. For those of you who know Angie and Raegan, I’m sure you will see exactly what I see. These two are second generation best friends and absolute carbon copies of their beautiful mommies.