Summer Goodness

It’s that time of year! Summer is our favorite season. The season of the ripe, red tomatoes, flip flops (or rain boots), swimsuits, and lazy afternoons. By July, the tomatoes are perfect. You know, so perfect that you can eat them by the slice with just salt and pepper. We spent most of the weekend planting flowers and lounging around outside. My littlest has her daily uniform (that you absolutely cannot talk her out of, so I’ve given up!) which consists of one of two swimsuits and her Target rain boots. She wears them for gardening, riding her tricycle, or (the most obvious of occassions) watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse at 7:30am every morning:) Happy Summer!!

2 thoughts on “Summer Goodness”

  1. Karen, these are adorable. I love everything about them from the colors (the tomato is such a cute punch of red) to your compositions. The second one of her looking down is gorgeous.

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