Wonderful Birth Story {Photographs by Emily Robinson Photography}

This morning started with coffee and catching up with my Flickr friends (a great community for photographers to share and grow). Today, I scanned The Maternal Lens pool (0ne of my very favorites) and came across Emily Robinson’s photo that linked to this beautiful documentation of a birth story. I have a burning desire to do this type of session and so wish I had this from my three babies. I watched this with a little lump in my throat, very moving images. I asked Emily if I could share this and she said she would be honored. Emily, you did a beautiful job! Thanks for the inspiration this morning:)


2 thoughts on “Wonderful Birth Story {Photographs by Emily Robinson Photography}”

  1. My ovaries just pinged about 20 times. Darn my husband for not wanting to have more. Seriously beautiful and sweet. I was welling up throughout the whole slideshow.

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