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What does beauty look like to you?

What can I say, I love Dove. I love their expressions of valuing natural beauty and appreciation of each person’s uniqueness. It also doesn’t hurt that I am from generations of a “Dove family”. My grandmother, a natural beauty herself, used two beauty products that I can remember- Dove soap and Ponds cold cream (seriously, […]

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Taking Chances…A compilation of my meaningful.

So here it is, that moment when the band says, “We’re taking a break”…Then they come back on stage and say, “We’ve enjoyed playing cover for you this evening, but now we’d like to share some of our new stuff. It’s very personal to us. We wrote these songs. They tell our story (well, some […]

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Better Late than Never…

I know Easter was this past weekend, but I found this great idea on Martha Stewart Living and I figured better late than never. Good ideas are ideas worth sharing. This is an easy way to decorate eggs without all the mess of PAAS dye. It’s a nice twist on an old tradition at our […]

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